EURATEX is the European Apparel and Textile Confederation representing the interests of the European textile and clothing industry at the level of the EU institutions. As the voice of the European industry, EURATEX aims to create favorable environment within the European Union for manufacturing of textile and clothing products.

Textile and apparel manufacturing is an essential pillar of local economy across the EU regions. EURATEX’ สล็อตเว็บตรง member federations represent in the EU some 177.700 companies with a turnover of €171 billion, employing 1.7 million workers. The EU is the world’s second biggest exporter of textiles and clothing with 22% and 25% of world sales respectively in 2016. 

 The textile and fashion products made in the EU are exceptional in regards the respect of environment, consumer safety and labour rights. EURATEX has an ambitious programme to enhance sustainable growth of the European textile and clothing industry. 

EURATEX provides the EU institutions with accurate data and useful tools for making the policies that enhance Europe’s economic growth and facilitates jobs creation. We are committed to facilitate access of our companies which are predominantly SMEs, to the European actions. EURATEX is focused on a few clear priorities: genuine industrial policy, research and innovation support, free and fair trade and sustainable production.

EURATEX was officially created in 1996 by a merger of three organisations present in Brussels since the early ‘60s to promote our industry. Since 2008, EURATEX is registered under the European Union ‘Transparency Register’ – ID number : 7824139202-85.